Georgia Tech prepares a “Robotarium” with a hundred of programmable robots via the Cloud

GeorgiaTech-RobotariumThe Institute of technology of Georgia, “Georgia Tech, has created a new Robotics Laboratory. A laboratory at the disposal of all American researchers.

It’s a service that will enable them to test their algorithm remotely on the Park’s robots in the laboratory. Just download the remote code, then observe the results in streaming video on the Internet. A hundred of robots and UAVs in the Cloud to accelerate research in robotics.

A laboratory that will accommodate up to 100 robots and drones

Robots in the Cloud to accelerate research, it is the idea of the Robotarium of researchers from Georgia Tech. NSF (National Science Foundation) has awarded $ 2.5 million in order to implement this lab remotely accessible.

Le concept du "Robotarium" a été validé à petite échelle en 2015. Il sera opérationnel à grande échelle en 2017.

The concept of the “Robotarium” has been validated on a small scale in 2015. It will be operational on a large scale in 2017.

This “Robotarium”, as he was baptized by the researchers, will accommodate up to one hundred robots and drones. This unique grouping of robots will enable researchers to experiment operation swarm algorithms, including to develop algorithms that will enable a large number of UAVs to fly in a small space.

It is in 2017 “Robotarium” should be truly operational. A first test of the viability of the concept has already led to the fall of 2015. Students were able to test a few programmable microrobot within a “Mini-Lab” algorithms. For the time being the type of robots and drones that will join the “Robotarium”has not been communicated.

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Source : “New Lab to Give Nation’s Researchers Remote Access to Robots”, Communiqué Georgia Tech, January 13, 2016


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