Google DeepMind challenge IBM Watson in the health sector

Deepmind Health IBM has demonstrated the effectiveness of Watson in particular in the field of cancer diagnosis during a project for the Memorial Sloan Kettering hospital. IBM has since launched a commercial offer for the healthcare market, IBM Watson Health. Deepmind, the military arm of Google in artificial intelligence follows the same path. Deepmind Health is born and its first online services are offered to healthcare professionals.

The smartphone the first medical tool for DeepMind Health

Streams is one of the first two apps offered by Deepmind Health hospitals.

Streams is one of the first two apps offered by Deepmind Health hospitals.

We knew that Google has several projects in the field of health, including Calico, probably the most ambitious project since it aims immortality. Now it is Deepmind, its London subsidiary dedicated to artificial intelligence that up to the plate. As with IBM Watson Health, Deepmind Health interested in hospitals that it offers two services related to mobility. The UK puts its algorithms to serve the diagnosis of cases of acute kidney injury. A mobile application called Streams was developed with doctors at the Royal Free Hospital London. The analysis of patient data via this application should help doctors and nurses to detect these lesions, which represent over 20% of admissions in British hospitals and 40,000 deaths annually. 25% of these cases could be anticipated This is a field of action all found predictive algorithms Deepmind.

Hark, the second application proposed by DeepMing is the result of an acquisition on February 24. This app ‘does not analyze the patient data … but the use of health professionals time. The idea for the startup outcome of the work of teachers Ara Darzi and Dominic King at Imperial College London was literally control the schedule staff according to the activity of the health institution, in real time .
Each health professional thus sees his schedule on his smartphone to perform duties assigned by the system in real time, based on admissions. Next administration, hospital management has very specific dashboards for “manager” operating performance of the institution, as do already factory managers or large areas.hark-dashboard According to the designers of the application, this approach already and have already proven effective in pilot projects at St Mary’s Hospital in London. The clinician response time has been reduced by 37% via Hark application compared to traditionally sent messages on pager.

With these first two applications, Deepmind foothold in the healthcare market. A first step to measure the delay on IBM already boxing in another category. Big Blue just offer Truven Health Analytics to $ 2.6 billion and is in the process of hiring thousands of health professionals for the seat of Watson Health near Boston. The very European Deepmind he will have the means to counter Dr. Watson?


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