‘The Physical Web’: Google wants to give a voice to the connected objects

Sans-titre-1In addition to its search engine, Google constantly develops innovative technologies that change our everyday lives and our life of tomorrow. Android, Chrome, Gmail, Google Glass are few. But let us not forget that the core business of the Californian, his almost sole source of income is advertising. With his project Open Source “Physical Web”, Google wants to transform any object into banner advertising.

Any connected object is potentially a banner ad

Physical Web - example

Some scenarios presented by Google in the Physical Web documentation.

Do not forget that most of its projects are designed to increase the number of consumers viewing its advertisements and their exposure to its advertisements throughout their day. This is the reason why Google interested in objects connected such as Wearables with Google Wear or cars with Android Auto. Google has unveiled a new solution, published in Open Source on Github, it “Physical Web”. Completely inspired by iBeacon, Geolocation solution introduced by Apple at the time of the launch of iOS 7, the Google solution is characterized by its simplicity. An object will be able to push a message to your smartphone when you pass nearby. Just like iBeacon, “Physical Web” relies on the Low-Energy Bluetooth and is characterized by the simplicity of its Protocol. The communicating object will be able to send a title, a short text, an icon, and a URL. Nothing more. Products relatively cheap will be able to implement it, and that is the purpose of Google. The example mentioned by Google in the project documents are clearly advertising: the distributor of Pepsi seeking you when you pass nearby, a pizzeria that makes its promo, etc. Google gives a few other tracks such as the bus station which broadcasts the time of arrival of the next bus, the car rental which offers its registration form, etc.

Un beacon Estimote

A beacon by Estimote.

Imagine quickly the nightmare of our lives when all of the objects that surround us may ask so. Google already mentions the possibility of spam generated by this system, and called on the community to deliver his ideas. An idea of future business model for Google which could not let that pass the pub of its paid advertisers? The makers will certainly have more constructive ideas to exploit this technology that remains interesting. Google has already delivered a firmware for RFduino and its Bluetooth BLE113 chip. Hope that they invent unexpected uses of this rather invasive technology in the world of the future that Google imagines. Translation : Bing Translator

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