Google is going to develop a surgeon robot with Johnson & Johnson

daVinci-robotA release of the US giant Johnson & Johnson comes to reveal: specializing in medical accessories, subsidiary Ethicon will work with Google in the field of robotics. The two partners will work on the development of a new Robotics platform. A platform that will give birth to robots dedicated to surgery.
An electric shock on a medical Robotics market down growth. Despite optimistic forecasts from analysts, the market stagnates, notably because of the prohibitive price of these robots. The arrival of Google could well revive the growth of this market.

A robot surgeon “powered by Google” will be marketed

Medical Robotics market is led to experience strong growth. This is self-evident and study firms agree on rates of growth for the next few years. This market is expected to reach $ 4 billion before the end of the Decade. However, the actual sales figures collected by the IFR (International Federation of Robotics) do not leave reflected this growth. Worse, the last published figures have even shown a slight downturn in the market between 2012 and 2013. The number of robots sold in 2013 decreased by 2% to reach 1,300 robots only. Surgery robots are the most sold on the sector, with 1,000 units on the 1,300 robots of the total market.

ROSA, the surgeon of the Medtech french robot.

ROSA, the surgeon of the Medtech french robot.

Robots sales accounted for $ 1.45 billion, or 41% of the total market. Hospitals are struggling to equip themselves knowing that the average robot coup reached $ 1.5 million.
The communiqué issued by Johnson & Johnson said that the two partners will develop a platform Robotics dedicated to surgery without specifying to what domains surgical Ethicon has to address with its platform. His strategy will rely on this platform robotics, medial imaging and data analysis, an area where Google excels. Intuitive Surgical, manufacturer of the robot Da Vinci, the risk of market leader facing a competitor of weight.


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