Hackers, last bulwark before the commercial civilization?

Amazon-Dash-Button-HackAt a time when tens of million copies of Windows 10 and its built-in spyware replaced Windows 7 and 8, the connected objects are designed to simplify your life and incidentally power the Big Data databases industrial the slightest gesture of our everyday lives will be detected, stored, analyzed, for the benefit of marketers. A grain of sand could slip into this beautiful mechanics: hackers.

Little protection, the connected objects can be diverted from their original use

The analysis of network traffic Dash Amazon Buttons allowed the hacker to identify messages sent by these connected buttons.

The analysis of network traffic Dash Amazon Buttons allowed the hacker to identify messages sent by these connected buttons.

A graduate of MIT and cofounder of Cloudstitch, Ted Benson is a hacker at heart. A hacker, not a hacker. He loves hacker everyday items to improve by diverting use. He recently interested in the Amazon Dash Button. This is the button connected as Amazon would like to see you stick around your kitchen. With this button the colors of a brand, a product, you can order the product in question without even going on your PC or your smartphone out of your pocket. An ingenious little device that Ted Benson analyzed the communication protocol. A simple protocol and not protected it is easy to divert to invent all kinds of devices. He has chosen to connect the connected button Amazon to Google Spreadsheet sheet, specialty Cloudstitch, but no doubt many makers will benefit from this button connected to 5 dollars only in applications less mercantile than imagined by Jeff Bezos.

John Deere face makers


Build yourself an autonomous tractor, it is possible. Matthew Reimer did with UAV control software.

Another example of a hack, one directed by Matthew Reimer on a John Deere tractor. The American manufacturer of agricultural equipment has alienated most of a farmer makers and community. Just as some automakers, covered his industrial embedded software patent, which, if the conditions of use are applied to its tractors strictly forbid customers to repair their tractors and modify its code. The US is very advanced in robotics and intends to shield its technological lead. Never mind, Matthew Reimer decided to automate his own tractor. This seems totally impossible for one man, yet after many test his tractor furrows his fields with his GPS guidance.

The secret of Matthew Reimer is to rely on solutions for UAVs that it has connected to various actuators that drive this tractor entirely conventional. A Linux box Pixhawk MAVProxy coupled with software to control the tractor from a PC, and MissonPlanner Rover APM. The installation is somewhat craft but the designer of the device has shown in his video that the system is effective. A beautiful lesson given by the hacker to developers battalion of John Deere.

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