Jeep Hacking: Fiat Chrysler recalls 1.4 million vehicles

Jeep-CherokeeThe power of the image. Nothing beats a hasty car in the ditch to move its constructor.
For months, security researchers warn automakers on security flaws of modern vehicles. Including Jeep Cherokee, singled out at the 2014 DEFCON.
Pervasive and embedded computing now connected, it will attract imancablement hackers is that hackers recently demonstrated by sending a Cherokee. Message finally received from Fiat Chrysler recalling 1.4 million vehicles to patch this little mature IT.

Fiat Chrysler had not given warning of hackers in 2014

Whenever during the 2014 DEFCON, the collective security experts “I am the Calvalry” published an open letter to patrons major automakers alerting the lack of safety of their vehicles, nothing happened. Builders continued to assert that their cars are safe, that piracy is impossible. Almost a year later, Charlie Muller, security engineer at Twitter and Chris Valasek, automobile security researcher at Idactive, even those who had revealed the vulnerabilities in this DEFCON conference passed to practice.

The video posted on YouTube with the Wired support is sufficiently eloquent. From an internet connection, the two researchers can control the radio, on-board display, air conditioning but also, much more serious, stop the engine, turn off the brakes and take control of management. More doubt, the hacker demonstrated by the acts of security breaches uConnect system that equips the Jeep Cherokee, but also many of the vehicles of the Fiat Chrysler Group (owner of the Jeep brand) equipped with a touchscreen of uConnect 8.4 “.

The manufacturer offers drivers a USB patch or back concession

UConnectFaced with this crisis situation, the manufacturer has finally reacted and quickly posted a patch to Cherokee inviting owners to install via USB.
3 days after, FCA takes a more traditional approach, the return vehicle. No less than 1.4 million vehicles that are recalled in concession for a software update. For besides the Cherokee and Grand Cherokee, it is the Dodge Viper, Ram pickups, the Dodge Durango, Dodge Charger, Dodge Challenger and Chrysler 200 and 300. A common point to these vehicles, a 8.4-inch touch screen uConnect . Probably the first major recall due to hackers. It surely will not be the last.

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