Haier sells the first air conditioners printed in 3D

Haier-AemotionThe Chinese brand Haier appliance innovates in the market for air conditioners. When Appliance & amp; Electronics World Expo in Shanghai in March 2015 and most recently at IFA 2015, the industrialist announced new air conditioners connected Homekit fits Apple. The most striking innovation is perhaps not there. These air conditioners, design rather successful, were produced in 3D printing. First foray additive manufacturing techniques in consumer appliances.

A custom design through 3D printing


Until now, the design of air conditioners was rather happening everywhere. Haier has created a stir earlier this year when the Shanghai area with a new model rather original. It sold $ 6,385 is produced by 3D printing. A production method that enables the industry to dare complex shapes, but mainly to offer its customers to customize the design of their air conditioners. Shape, color and position of the display, Haier ensures that potentially each model produced by the manufacturer will be unique.

Aemotion, an air conditioner produced on demand

Climatiseur-Haier-AemotionAt IFA 2015 that just took lei in Berlin, Haier hit hard by unveiling a new battalion of air conditioners: Aemotion Air Box, Air Cube, Dizun, Jingbo, Tianbo, Tianzun … Chinese, including the standard of living improves, seeking to improve their comfort and must also fight against pollution. The potential market for these air conditioners and air purifiers is potentially huge.

The press has commented much the model that uses the principle of cooling fans without Dyson propeller but industrial innovation was on the side of the Aemotion. The front surface of this connected air conditioner, consisting of multiple mobile facets reminiscent of fish scales. Again, this is 3D printing has made this device both ingenious and elegant. Each hexagonal facet is indeed able to move according to the direction of air flow. Representatives of the Haier brand stand emphasized that 3D printing has enabled this feat but the impact of 3D printing goes beyond mere aesthetics as the structure of this imposing air conditioner also performed via a additive manufacturing process ..

We do not yet know the price of this Aemotion, a top model. It should be high. Low volumes, innovative design, this model is well prepared, also in 3D printing as these air conditioners will be produced on demand. The speaker of the brand did not indicate what type of 3D printer allowed them to produce at an industrial level as big products.

Demand manufacturing, innovative and customizable geometries, 3D printing is beginning to happen in the appliance, and only at the stage of industrial prototypes. The high-end products will receive the first of these contributions.

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