French Hardis poses a patent on the “drone for warehouse”

Hardis-Group-Drone-InventoristeThe idea is in the air for some time, but it is the God who is the first to win a patent on the idea. Use a drone to warehouses in order to make the inventory, it is coming soon. The french filed the idea and had already stolen a prototype.
The principle is simple: each night, the drone will tirelessly through all the aisles of warehouses to scan one by one each carton, pallet and thus updating inventory. The Germans of the Fraunhofer lead currently a similar research project, but the french have been faster and are now preparing to market their idea.

A drone with a barcode scanner to browse the aisles of warehouses

To allow drones to take off in the warehouses, several problems must be solved. On the one hand the drone must identify precisely enough to move in the aisles, but also correctly identify the different storage location. Indoor geolocation is required, though a mapping specifies places so the drone to follow its route of inventory unhindered.

For now Hardis has not yet chosen the model's final drone that it will offer its customers.

For now Hardis has not yet chosen the model’s final drone that it will offer its customers.

To locate articles, Hardy chose not to impose Rfid chips. The drone will simply read barcodes via its onboard camera. All conventional logistics formats will be supported promises the editor that adds that the drone will be able to discriminate between multiple labels, which may correspond to a single location: the barcode from the palette and those boxes laid on it, for example. Finally, all data collected by the drone overnight come feed management software of the warehouses (Warehouse Management Systems, WMS) of the company, regardless of its editor.

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Source : “Gestion d’entrepôt : Hardis Group dépose un brevet de drone inventoriste“, Hardis Group press release (in french), January 26, 2015

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