hitchBOT starts today his trip around Germany

hitchBOT-à-MunichArrived in Munich yesterday, hitchBOT the little robot Hitchhiker began his crossing of the Germany this morning. This morning, the little robot was expecting his first driver in a downtown service station with first destination, the famous Louis II of Bavaria’s Neuschwanstein Castle. After his amazing crossing of the Canada, the travelling robot comes to test the generosity of German drivers for day ten, an operation carried out for the German channel Prosieben Galileo program.
Not frankly innovative in terms of artificial intelligence, mechanical, hichBOT knows yet unprecedented media success. His crossing of the Canada was followed by media around the world while this robot, unable to walk independently, merely hitchhiking and let the motorist transport it from one stage to the other.

hitchbot_MapBeyond technique, hitchBOT, this is the dream of a friendly robotics, to the antipodes of industrial robotics who steals jobs, military robotics and the Terminator fantasy, or even vacuum cleaners robots who do dream person.
If hitchBOT is not actually a robot advanced, he excels in a domain: the social relationship. “Exploiting” few humans, he knows how to communicate very effectively through its website, his Facebook account and his Twitter feed with its tens of thousands of fans.
Good road!

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