Honda overtaken on the autonomous car

Honda GLX 2015Honda has unveiled its prototype autonomous car at the show Intelligent Transport Systems World Congress in Detroit. The least we can say is that the Japanese manufacturer, yet very advanced in terms of robotics with the famous humanoid Asimo, has not impressed with his Acura prototype. Just when Mercedes rolled an advanced prototype in California, where General Motors promise a semi-autonomous Cadillac in 2017, there will be no robot car Honda before 2020.

A first autonomous vehicle Honda unveiled in Detroit

So on the occasion of the 2014 ITSW Honda unveiled its strategy for autonomous vehicle. The Japanese are rolled a prototype robot car based on model 2015 Acura RLX The vehicle, overcame his cameras and a lidar, so Google is still far from commercialization. Hironobu Kiryu, chief engineer of Honda said it has started work on the prototype for a year. Commercialization is envisaged that beyond 2020.

The auto towing designed by Honda.

It seems that Honda have started the project long after Toyota and Nissan but the Japanese had already thought about several scenarios of semi-autonomous driving that will allow drivers to accept such automation easier. Scenarios focused on safety of the driver and other road users.
Thus, Japanese engineers have devised a system of automatic change lanes on the highway and various scenarios leveraging the ENTERED communications vehicles. This is the case of the automatic towing unwell driver, but also anti-collision devices using V2V communications (vehicle to vehicle), V2P (Vechicle to Pedestrian) and V2M (Vehicle to Motorcycle). It will have to wait 2020 for these options to finally arrive in catalog Honda options.

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