HP finally sells his 3D printer

HP-Jet-Fusion-3D-3200-PrinterAnnounced in 2013, here it is finally! Hewlett-Packard officially markets the HP Jet Fusion 3D, the first 3D printer designed by American engineers. The world leader in printers merely until today to commercialize uPrint 3D printers, designed by Stratasys FDM printers. HP finally goes up a gear with heavy-duty models.

HP will launch an app store of materials for its 3D printers

The objective set in 2013 HP engineers by Meg Whitman was clear: develop a 3D printer 10 times faster than 3D printers of the era for superior print quality. The answer to the specifications written by the boss of HP is “multi-agent” technology that allows to generate objects made up of several materials at high speed. The official news release announces a printing speed of around 340 million of voxels per second.


The factory of the future according to HP, 100% digital, 100% 3D printing.

HP discusses the market for printing 3D with a catalog of 2 models. The HP Jet Fusion 3D 3200, entry-level version is intended for ‘light’ rapid prototyping. Its price will be $120,000 the HP Jet Fusion 3D 4200 model, more powerful intends to prototyping, but also to the production of small series. This version will be the first available. The main European markets see arrive later this year. But in addition to the printers themselves, HP wants to build an industrial ecosystem around this new 3D printing activity. To achieve this, HP assumes that its HP Jet Fusion 3D will be “open” platforms. This will be the case of the materials that will be available for them. The American account create an app store of materials and partners will be certified to deliver their materials to HP customers. Among the first partners associated with this ad are Arkema, BASF, Evonik and Lehmann & Voss. HP seems willing to share the loot consumables with allies. This strategy should allow printers HP printing more than 50% of available plastics estimated down in Palo Alto.

3D-Material-CartridgeIn addition to a diversification of the materials and colors available, HP is already working on innovative applications for its printers. Press release mentions integration of sensors directly in the objects printed as well as the integration of invisible markers in parts.

HP has associated this launch a nice skewer of industrialists and permit with Nike, BMW, Autodesk, Jabil, Johnson & Johnson, Materialise, Proto Labs, Shapeways and Siemens. A few weeks after the announcement of Lenovo who discusses the market for 3D printing by the general public and the makers, HP clearly put sr high-end to carve the lion’s share of a market of a dozen billion dollars by 2020 to lower estimates.


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