Elon Musk’s “Hyperloop”: the Bill increases to 16 billion $

Hyperloop-V2Propose a trip San Francisco/Los Angeles $ 20, made in 35 minutes and almost Mach 1, is the latest crazy project of Elon Musk, the creator of SpaceX and Tesla. Named “Hyperloop”, this train will connect the 2 cities moving in low pressure tubes. Finally close system of pneumatic networks of the 19th century. 28 passengers can take place in a capsule, it will be accelerated into the tube by linear motors and a pump will allow the capsule up to 1,220 km/h in lévitant to 0.5 mm elevation in its tube. A project that will be even excess energy car powered by solar panels fixed on the tube. The project is very ambitious and Elon Musk considers to be able to carry out this project for only $ 6 billion. Before even preliminary work can be initiated, engineers are already talking of a $ 16 billion Bill…

An innovative but at a surprisingly low cost infrastructure

A capsule of the Hyperloop system.

A capsule of the Hyperloop system.

The business plan presented by Elon Musk in 2013 estimated at $ 6 billion construction of the line San Francisco/Los Angeles. 40 capsules should cost $ 54 million, tube it 5.41 billion dollars. 6 billion project, Elon Musk hopes to achieve a margin of $ 536 million. 5.410 billion dollars to build more than 600 km of infrastructure of the Hyperloop between San Francisco and Los Angeles, is little, very little. By comparison, the 340 km of new lines of LGV (Ligne Grande Vitesse) between the french cities of Tours and Bordeaux should cost 10 billion euros. Yet mature technology. The magnetic levitation train installed between Pudong airport and Shanghai cost $ 1.2 billion for… 30.5 km of track.

The infrastructure type of the Hyperloop: the two tubes featuring their solar power panels, waterproof on pylons.

The infrastructure type of the Hyperloop: the two tubes featuring their solar power panels, waterproof on pylons.

In addition to the strict technical challenge, the challenge of the project will obviously build this line that not only must have two vacuum tubes, but also equipment to propel the capsules, but also pumping stations, and solar panels that will provide the infrastructure. To keep its costs, the project engineers have imagined place the tubes of the Hyperloop on pylons, along existing Interstate 5 highway. This solution should allow the project to not spend more than 1 billion dollar purchase of land and rights of way. An invoice clearly undervalued.

A hundred engineers took the folder

HyperloopThe crowdfunding site JumpStartFund has selected a hundred volunteer engineers to work on the subject. Engineers from Boeing, NASA, Yahoo!, Airbus, SpaceX, and Salesforce. They began to work on the concepts presented by Elon Musk. For them, the Bill of such a system will be closer to $ 6 billions originally planned $ 16 billion. Knowing that American law limited the appeal to the crowdfunding to maximum $ 50 million, Elon Musk will have to unite around him to big investors to fill lead the Hyperloop project to fruition. A sport in which he has mastered.

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