HySolarKit wants to transform any car in solar hybrid

HySolarKit it is to researchers from the University of Salerno, near Naples, that we owe this innovation. They have created a kit that transforms any it car, be it petrol or diesel, whether recent or out of age in hybrid vehicle. A priori, is imported which car can receive this device equipped with either front-wheel drive. Their kit consists of flexible solar panels, a battery, and wheels with electric motors. Quite simply.

HySolarKit is testing a Fiat Punto equipped with a prototype of his kit

The Sun of the South of the Italy has inspired researchers at the laboratory of energy and propulsion eProLab of the University of Salerno. The project of HySolarKit, they built a prototype of a hybrid car from a Fiat Punto quite conventional.

Le dispositif prototype HySolarKit placé dans le coffre d'une Fiat Punto.

Le dispositif prototype HySolarKit placé dans le coffre d’une Fiat Punto.

They have pasted flexible solar panels on the roof and hood Italian, replaced the rear wheels by wheels with built-in electric motor and finally placed a battery and the control electronics in the trunk. A kit that allows you to transform a vehicle all there is of classic solar hybrid car!
On paper, this idea seems great since it allows quite simply reduce the amount of CO2 produced by vehicles from the existing fleet. It is perhaps also one of the limitations of the device because the production of solar panels is unable to allow the car to drive in electric mode. Researchers believe that panels can deliver 2KW/h, or a quarter of the energy needed for an urban cycle in Fiat Punto. One may also wonder if a hybrid kit made from a relatively old vehicle, so among the most polluting, presents a carbon better than a modern car…

another challenge for researchers, the integration in the vehicles. If the flexible solar panels can be glued on any it car, the trunk of the Punto prototype is extensively invaded by the battery and electronics associated with the device. It will be difficult to create a device less bulky that is adaptable to several types of cars.

HySolarKit-diagramFinally, what is the real economic model of the kit? The cost is estimated by its designers to €3.000, a cost must be depreciated over 3 years through the savings at the pump. Investment remains high and the order of the extra cost between a hybrid car and its equivalent classic on the new market. An American, SolarElectricalVehicles.com wanted to propose a solar roof for the Prius #notw. The system, coupled with additional batteries was proposed at $4,500. A project that has resulted in nothing. The company no longer exists today.
HySolarKit promoters have announced their willingness to launch a campaign of crowdfounding on Assiteca Crowd in order to finance the project.


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