Hyundai enters the race towards the industrial exoskeleton

Hyundai-Wearable-RobotHyundai Motor Group is one of the few large global groups which, alongside many startups, has embarked on the race to commercialization first exoskeletons for the industry.
Korean has unveiled some images of an industrial exoskeleton, and a second, more frail, intended to allow paraplegics or the elderly to move effortlessly, H-LEX.

Hyundai aims exoskeletons for industrial, military and medical markets


Capable of lifting heavy loads, the exoskeleton Hyundai might interest heavy industry… when it will be marketed (Photo: Hyundai Motor Group).

Lockheed-Martin, Panasonic, Daewoo and now Hyundai work several years in industrial exoskeletons. The objective is to provide workers with a robotic shell that will leverage their strength. Lift a load of hundreds of pounds, as Hyundai evokes it in its release or carrying a tool without effort during a working day, that is what today allow the prototypes of these exoskeletons. Such equipment will certainly significant productivity on the shipyards, in the aerospace industry, for example.

Latest entrant in this search for the “super-ouvrier”, the exoskeleton of the Korean Hyundai sure looks imposing. The flexible conspicuous seem to indicate the presence of cylinders hydraulic and not electric actuators.

Hyundai H-LEX

The new version of the H – LEX, the exoskeleton of market for the elderly and paraplegic from Hyundai.(Photo: Hyundai Motor Group)

Hoses, as well as a cable electrical and/or computer connect the machine to a station, suggesting the lack of autonomy of the device. In addition, the hands of the carrier are totally mobilized by actuators. Engineers have equipped the exoskeleton of clips to capture large objects.
Hyundai also evokes its exoskeletons for military applications without that images support the runway of a military version of the exoskeleton that would be truly autonomous.

Finally, Hyundai has released some photos of what appears to be a new version of its medical exoskeleton H-LEX, a machine that will come compete with the Bionics Ekso which is already marketed in small scale.

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Source : “현대자동차그룹이 꿈꾸는 모빌리티의 미래 웨어러블 로봇이 만들 세상은 어떤 모습일까요?”, Hyundai release, May 11, 2016

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