What do we really expect from the car of the future?

Voiture du futurWhile automakers is alarmed at the lack of obvious interest of new generations for the car, IBM interviewed 16,000 people to know what waits for the most public of the car today. A study reassuring for manufacturers since 86% of respondents hope to own or drive a car in the next 10 years. On the other hand, have his own car give increasingly a ground on the car.

The autonomous car is not application No. 1 automobile

86% of the 16,000 IBM survey respondents want to use a car in next 10 years. A figure no doubt reassuring for the auto industry and its nearly 90 million light vehicles produced each year. Vehicule-capabilitiesHowever, on its 86%, 14% said they do not have the means to buy a car, 5% do not want to afford one. Rental (42%) or shared ownership (24%) are interested more in addition to motorists but if ownership changes, uses also. More that half of the 18-24 age group use a car as a means of transport privileged compared with 75% in the other age groups.

Automakers rely on the “self-enabling vehicles“, essentially digital services, to differentiate their products. IBM asked its panel on the services that are actually waiting for potential buyers of these connected cars. Surprisingly, these are diagnostic and preventive maintenance services that interest the most respondents, both in emerging markets than the mature markets. “Socialization” services arrive in second place, ahead of self-learning functions and autonomous driving.

futurism carNot easy for an automaker to know what will be, among multiple digital services devised by their marketing department and the startups, who will meet the success with their future buyers. A good way of knowing seems to appeal to the various techniques of crowdsourcing. 49% of the 16,000 respondents are said to be ready to vote for the ideas that they like. 47% are ready to answer any question, 37 percent are willing to share their “data” to help the manufacturer of their car. Better, they are all wanting to give them their ideas. Rather than rely on market surveys, it is perhaps well relying on their customers that automakers will be able to negotiate the turn digital.
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Source : “A new relationship–people and cars”, Etude IBM Institute for Business Value, January 13, 2016


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