IBM Watson launches “X Prize” in artificial intelligence

TED-XPrize-IA $5 million, it is the amount of the price which will go to the winners of a new XPrize. After the Google Lunar XPrize, Qualcomm Tricorder XPrize is IBM, which has just launched a new challenge. It focuses on the new workhorse of IBM, Artificial Intelligence.
Researchers and companies have until 2020 to develop a project where man will work with the machine to solve one of the great challenges humanity faces.

Objective: to silence the pessimistic discourse around Artificial Intelligence

It is on the big stage of the Ted Peter Diamandis, responsible for the XPrize and David Kenney, the new boss of IBM Watson Foundation came to announce a new challenge: the IBM Watson AI XPrize. It is open to all researchers and companies that will have to compete in the field of artificial intelligence. The exact rules for this competition is not yet written, but the principle unveiled by Peter Diamandis is original: each team is free to choose his field of research, its challenge, its objectives. His field of research focuses on the great challenges humanity faces. Health, climate, energy, etc, to each team to choose the domain where it goes to show that the AI can bring something to the human being. Confessed by the founder of the XPrize, it aims to put an end to the distopiques discourse that prophesy the end of humanity.

XPrize IA meet the syndrome of the Skynet by constructive projects, the idea is appealing. For IBM, in addition to the stunt, this research is interesting because it will allow the U.S. to clear new areas where Watson can find opportunities in the future. Davis Kenney, the patron of this activity for some weeks only unveiled this XPrize enough original mechanism because it will be very related to future editions of the “World of Watson”, the annual IBM. The teams will present their work at the conference, with $500,000 to share for those who are qualified. A grand finale will take place during the Ted 2020. 3 IA will then compete in the ritual presentation of the great scene in order to pick up the remaining $ 4.5 million. Maybe then the AI will be seen as a boon for humanity.

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Source: “IBM Watson offers $5 million prize for an AI X Prize presented by TED”, TEDBlog, February 17, 2016

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