IDC: Record + 171% growth for the “wearables” in 2015

nike fuel If the Fitbit action is highly disturbed traded these past hours, the “wearables” market, this computer to wear, knows from the summits. According to the latest figures published by IDC, elapsed 27.4 million watches, bracelets and other headphones, clothing and sunglasses connected during the last quarter of the year 2015. It is 127% better than on the same period in 2014. Over the year, sales exceeded 78 millions of parts for an annual growth rate of 171 per cent!

Fitbit, leader of the market by volume

IDC Wearables 2016 what paradox! While the Fitbit action collapses on the stock market, it is the American who has been the big winner in the year 2015. It sold 21 million connected bracelets, or 93.2% of growth. Ahead of Xiaomi Chinese whose sales growth has been meteoric: + 951,8%! His Mi Band sold like hotcakes with 12 million units sold. Less than €30, this activity tracker to made a cardboard. Apple, present on the market since the launch of the very expensive Apple Watch points in third position with 11.6 million of watches sold. A result no doubt disappointing for the mark to Apple but which, in value, the place probably at the top of the market. Rival Samsung is outranked by Garmin and had to settle for fifth place in the market.

IDC Wearable devices 2014 2019 the future however leaning on the side of the sellers of “smartwatch\r” because if the connected bracelets today represent the essence of the “wearables” market, IDC analysts point the rise of connected watches. A study published by IDC at the end of year 2015 showed, while they should represent the “form factor” n ° 1 by 2019.



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