IDC: What will be the Internet of things in 2015 and to the beyond?

IDC-Iot-2015IDC has just delivered his predictions of the market developments of the Internet of objects or rather the markets of the Internet of objects.
Wearables, embedded systems, smart cities, the Internet of objects group indeed pretty separate markets. However analysts have found some pretty spectacular commonalities. Thus, according to them, 90% of the data generated by the connected objects will be stored in the Cloud on the horizon 2018. 90% of it will be exposed to data leaks. These are 2 of 10 IDC predictions for 2015.

90% of the IoT data will be stored in the Cloud

Part of their report FutureScape, IDC analysts gave their views on the evolution of the Internet of things in 2015 and beyond. The first of inter – they deals with the Cloud. During the next 5 years, the DSI will turn to the Cloud in their overwhelming majority to host the data generated by the connected objects. 90% of inter – they will be stored in this way.


Overview of the major players in the Internet of things in 2015

The issue of the security of the data of these objects connected will not be solved before long. According to IDC, 90% of the data will be exposed to a security risk. For treatments, companies will seek to bring closer together as much as possible treatments of the networks. 40% storage, treatment and analysis of the data will be carried out in the network or in its immediate vicinity. 50% of the data networks, currently with overcapacity, will see their capacity fully exploited by these customers of a new type. 10% to between – them will even be overwhelmed by this additional data streams. In addition to the Cloud, the Internet of things will promote new technologies for storage and automation of treatments.
If currently, internet objects is synonym of industry, transport, Smart Cities and applications for consumers, these sectors currently represents 50% of the sector, it will no longer the case in 5 years. In 2018, all industries will be toggled within this new paradigm. In 2018, 25% of the capital expenditures of Governments will focus on the deployment and management of networks of connected objects. These projects will be initially built on proprietary platforms and closed will give way to Open Source solutions, which will sound the starting point to the emergence of large vertical IoT platforms in multiple markets.
Finally, analysts consider starting in 2018, while the ‘Millenials’ will become consumers and will begin arriving in the world of work, which is expected to further accelerate the growth of the Internet of things.
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Source : IDC Reveals Worldwide Internet of Things Predictions for 2015″, IDC, December 3,  2015

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