IFA 2015 : Samsung’s strategy to counter Google and Apple in IoT

IFA 2015 Samsung SmarthingsThe living room of the consumer electronics Berlin, IFA, was an opportunity for Samsung to unveil its new shows connected S2, or the SleepSense, a sleep sensor. In parallel, the Korean has launched a new version of Samsung SmartThings Hub, a network box capable of connecting to several hundred different connected objects. Alarm systems sleep detector, via the smoke detectors, electrical outlets remote controls, via the lock connected, the hub is already capable of controlling more than 200 connected objects. Samsung setting aperture for taking Google and Apple gear.

Battle of ecosystems between Samsung, Google and Apple in the connected objects


The SmartThings Hub Version 2 announced by Samsung at IFA 2015 .

Au début de l’année, Samsung had clearly announced color: facing a highly competitive market for smartphones, Korean put on objects connected as growth drivers. At IFA 2015, the industrialist announced the commercialization of a new version of its Hub SmartThings. The case comes connect to the Internet box to serve as a gateway to connected objects which either communicate through IP, ZigBee or Z-Wave. With a capacity of slightly higher treatment, it is powered by an ARM Cortex-A9 1GHz processor, the hub is capable of recording video streams, execute local applications. The Hub asset is its ability to communicate with those 200 connected objects. Among the manufacturers of these compatible devices, General Electric, Aeron, Bose, FortrezZ, Kwikset, Schlage, Evolve, D-link, Osram. Alex Hawkinson, founder of SmartThings (acquired by Samsung late 2014) announced a partnership with BMW but is that it will be enough to counter Apple and Google Homekit Nest? The latter agreed with him Whirlpool, LifX, Mercedes-Benz, Withings, Pebble, while Osram HomeKit seduced Haier, Philips, Osram, Netatmo, Withings, among others. Manufacturers are constrained to follow the two largest publishers Mobile OS. Samsung he may impose in this market SmartThings objects connected to home?

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