IFA 2017, the triumph of digital assistants

Whether on computers, smartphones or in the form of loudspeakers, home automation hubs, personal robots or connected watches, PDAs were omnipresent at the stands of Europe’s leading consumer electronics exhibition, the IFA. Every manufacturer wants to equip its most diverse products with a powerful voice interface and now everyone has to choose their side: Amazon, Microsoft, Google or IBM.

Digital Assistants: Speaker manufacturers must choose their side

Genie, a direct rival for Amazon Echo.

For manufacturers of electronic products, Alexa, Google Assistant, Cortana or Watson, you have to choose. They all want to get on the artificial intelligence train and take voice commands to their products. Many presented their connected objects in Berlin now interfaced with a digital assistant and in this respect, as Cnet reveals, many manufacturers have opted for Alexa, Amazon’s AI. Thus the Eufy brand, known for its robot vacuum cleaners, defies Amazon with the assistant Eufy Genie, an equivalent of the Amazon Echo and powered by the same IA, Alexa. Above and beyond Amazon’s opening, this competitor can be purchased on Amazon. com.

Sonos, Samsung and Bose have unveiled speakers that are also connected to Amazon’s AI. Panasonic, Sony and TicHome have chosen the Google wizard while Harman Kardon or JBL have chosen not to… choose. After announcing a Cortana-compatible speaker, the first one has since announced that it will also offer speakers powered by Alexa and Google. JBL followed the same path with speaker ranges for Google Assistant and Alexa and Cortana.

Mykie, Bosch’s personal assistant, designed to drive the brand’s connected objects.

In addition to this wave of speakers, we can note the Mykie de Siemens, an assistant with whom we can give orders to the robot vacuum cleaner of the brand. Announced last year, the little assistant is more Nabaztag than Amazon Echo or Google Home. More original still, the Chinese UBTech robot Lynx, which is piloted via Amazon Alexa, Alexa, which is also embedded on the connected Martian mVoice watches.

IBM Watson and especially Apple Siri appear for the moment quite discreet in this frenzy of announcements of connected objects of new wave. If it is possible to give commands to a connected object compatible with Apple Homekit, the user must have an Apple TV that will serve as a bridge to Siri. A technical constraint that seriously constrains the diffusion of Siri for the moment.

Amazon Alexa dominates its subject

According to figures compiled by Voicebot. ai, Amazon is currently the platform that dominates the market.  The developers thus created more than 15,000 skills (behaviour) for Alexa while at the same time the Google Wizard has less than 400 applications and Cortana, despite the huge community of Microsoft developers had created only a few dozen skills for Cortana. The market is just starting, so nothing has yet to happen, but Amazon has a solid lead over its rivals.

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