Sales of industrial robots have collapsed in France in 2013

Robotique-industrielle-2014The latest figures published by the International Federation of Robotics are overwhelming to the France. While it is never sold industrial robots in the world, with 178.132 robots (+ 12%) in 2013, at the same time the french market has collapsed. The French industry is down, and companies have cut their investments. They bought that 2.161 robots in 2013, a decrease of 27% in one year. At the same time, German companies were buying 18.297 robots, American 28.668. As for Chinese companies, they literally exploded the market with purchased 36.560 in one year!

The France loss of speed at European level

IFR World Robotics 2014

Zone Asia/Pacific, mainly Japan, South Korea and China increased the gap with Europe and the United States in terms of automation of enterprises.

The first results of the annual survey of the IFR had been unveiled at the Automatica in Munich Show in June. At the time, these are the impressive progress of China that had been presented. Now that it has the full study, we can see that the figures for the France are bad, very bad. Industrialists have lifted the foot on investments, and sales of industrial robots have collapsed in France. In 2013, they purchased 2.161 robots, against 2.956 in 2012. It must go back to the financial crisis in 2009/2010 to find figures lower. In parallel to this poor performance, the Italy knows that low growth, but remains at a level of investment well above that of the France with 4.701 robots purchased in 2013, against 4.402 in 2012. Spain, traditionally in the neck-and-neck with the France widened the gap in 2013 with 2.764 purchased robots and the France could be joined by the Czech Republic in 2017.

The IFR is reviewing its forecasts downward for the France

Robotique-industrielleIf the difficulties of the french automakers explain largely this counter – performance, in France as in the rest of the world this sector is the largest purchaser of industrial robots, the RFI report highlights that this drop in investment affects all sectors of activity. The IFR table on a slight recovery in 2014 with 2,300 units sold and 2,800 to the year 2017. If we return to the initial estimates of the association, the France would of reached the milestone of 3,500 robots as soon as next year. The Germany remains as in line with the forecast of 21,000 robots in 2017, while the acceleration of purchases China has surprised observers.
Source : “Accelerating demand for industrial robots will continue / 2014: increase by at least 15% – 2015-2017: increase of 12% on average per year”, IFR press release, September 30, 2014

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