1.3 million new industrial robots will come into service over the next 2 years

ABB-YuMi International Federation of Robotics (IFR) just delivered some figures from its annual survey of the global Robotics market. Figures that according to this international authority reflects the acceleration of the 4th industrial revolution.

Investments in industrial robotics have significantly increased over the period 2013/2014 (+ 43%) and in 2015, this market accounted for about 32 billion. $

Without surprise, South Korea, Japan and Germany remain the most robotic in the world countries

Le classement mondial des taux d'équipement en robots industriels place une nouvelle fiso la Corée du sud en tête (Source : IFR, 2016)

Le classement mondial des taux d’équipement en robots industriels place une nouvelle fois la Corée du sud en tête (Source : IFR, 2016)

While China is expected to represent once again the biggest global buyer of robots, the South Korea remains the country more robotic in the world with 478 robots for 10,000 employees while the world average is 66 robots. The Japan precedes the Germany with respectively 314 and 292 robots.

China is still pointing to the 28th place in the world ranking, with only 36 bots for 10,000 workers. The leaders have committed the evolution of the industrial model of the country, until then based on an abundant and cheap labor, that 5 years ago. Even today being the first global buyer of industrial robots and by posting the highest growth of the sector, with 150 million workers in the industrial sector, it will take many years China to catch up with the industrialized countries leading trio.

Source: “Survey: 1.3 million industrial robots to enter service by 2018”, IFR press release, 25 February 2016

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