4 million domestic robots sold in 2013

Robot-de-serviceService Robotics sales take off. It sold 4 million of domestic robots and personal in 2013, it is 28% in one year. A turnover of $ 1.7 billion at the global level which may seem but that should grow very rapidly modest. The IFR estimates these robots intended for the general public sales will reach 31 million units between 2014 and 2017. In parallel, the professional market is more progressing with a decrease of 2% in one year. A misleading figure since drops military drones orders hide sharp increases, especially in the logistics market.

Sales of consumer robots are progressing quickly

It is clearly the public that today takes service Robotics market. Robot vacuum cleaners, lawn mowers and small educational robots today represent the majority of sales. The IFR (International Federation of Robotics) considers that the public interest will not falter in the next 3 years with 31 million robots that should sell by 2017.


Robots for professional services market remains still largely dominated by the military commands of drones.

Service-Robots-for-pro-2014-to-2017---IFR-2014The professional market is already much more important in terms of value. It already represents 3.6 billion to 21,000 robots only. This market has experienced a slight decrease in 2013, notably because of decreases in military orders. It sold 9,500 military robots in 2013, essentially drones to 8,500 units. Sales decreased by 12%. However land robots, such as robots deminers have increased by 80%, 750 units. With 45% of the number of robots sold, defence remains buyer number 1 robots services, far ahead of logistics, medical applications, in construction or cleaning.
Logistics applications have experienced strong growth in 2013. 1.900 robots or rather logistical systems have been sold in 2013, it is 37% more than in 2012. These bots now represent 9% of the sales of professional service robots.

Big gaps in sales of professional robots


Avatar III, the little robot from remote monitoring of RoboteX, a market in the making.

If industrial equip robots to move loads in their factories, it is paradoxically in the countryside found most of service robots. It sold 5.100 dairy milking robots in 2013 (+ 6%). 40,000 would be currently in function in barns while cleaning robots, crop hitting the market.
Finally, the medical robots market has experienced a slight decrease in 2013, with 1,300 robots sold (-2%). Surgical robots accounted for 1,000 of these 1,300 robots. These figures appear low, but these robots have an average price of the order of $ 1.5 million if one includes services and accessories. This market therefore already reached US $ 1.45 billion.

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Source :
“Service Robots: Logistic systems on the rise”, Communiqué de presse IFR, September 30, 2014

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