France and United States want to impose registration of drones

UAVThe General Secretariat of national defence and safety national (SGDSN) comes to reveal: the French authorities have recorded 79 overflights of nuclear, military, industrial, urban or airport sites in one year. If this wave of overflights culminated in November 2014 and then fell to a few one-time overflights, don’t need no more for the SGDSN that offers solutions to end. Among its proposals, the registration of all drones over 1 kg.

The legislation on civilian drones will harden… again

The time of the pioneers ends. Legislation rises to power in the field of UAVs and the dronistes will have to fold. Already very advanced in the legislative field, the France should strengthen a little more its legislative arsenal. If the SGDSN proposals are followed by the Government, sellers of drones will have to join to the instructions for use an extract from the laws in force. In addition, the droniste apprentice will have to follow a mandatory online tutorial for the right to fly. In addition, to purchase a drone over 1 kg, submit proof of identity and be duly referenced in the foundations of the Government. Each drone from 1 to 25 kg must be registered online and beyond the 25 kg, it will knock at the door of the DGAC to register his drone.
UAVIn addition, the SGDSN proposes that the drones over 1 kg are equipped with a system of automatic identification by radio and LED. The gendarmes can remotely check the name of the owner of the drone that is would be lost over an airport or a nuclear power plant.

The United States took the same path. The FAA issued its determination to see all drones flying at registered USA and the U.S. Department of transportation is conducting air CA alongside a large consultation with professionals in the sector. The object is no longer whether to register the drones, but how to set up a system at the national level. The commission shall make its finding on November 20, 2015. Therefore, everything should go very quickly, both in the United States on this side of the Atlantic.

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