3D printed buildings: more and more high, more and more beautiful

Winsun-3D-Printing-HouseYingchuang Construction technique (Winsun) continuous progress in its manufacture 3D technique. The Shanghai-based construction company was know in the whole wave to be ‘printed’ 10 houses in just 24 hours. The Chinese seem to progress with the production of a small building of 5 floors and a luxurious villa of 1.100 m2.WINSUN progresses to leap. Not only the Chinese manufacturer manages to build tallest and largest buildings in 3D printing, but the level of quality of his achievements seem to finally rise.

Winsun develops buildings of great height printing processes

Le premier immeuble construit en impression 3D

The first building built in 3D printing

His achievements look more like a mille-Feuilles. Engineers now appear to control the veneer of facades on their walls printed panels and got rendering seem convincing.
WINSUN relies on printed components of 10 m x 6.6 m printed in a material composed of fibers of glass, cement, recycled elements, hardening agents but also reinforcement of steel. The release of precise manufacturer as an official engineer of the engineering bureau n ° 8 came to appraise these achievements and has declared them national construction standards-compliant.
The impressive House and this first building was built in an industrial park in Suzhou since it’s prototypes. The House, valued at $160,000, is commissioned by Tomson Group, a real estate agency in Taiwan which has build a decade later. A first contract to export for a printed building, but not the only one since the manufacturer has announced awarded a contract from 20,000 houses of another model signed by the Egyptian Government. Cooperation will be implemented with Nile Sand Material Technology Co. to build a dozen of “Dream Factories” in the desert in 2 years to produce the materials for WinSun 3D printers.
Finally, the Chinese announced the creation of Winsun Global, cooperation with a mysterious American company in order to disseminate this technology in some 20 countries worldwide in 3 years. Saudi Arabia, UAE, Qatar, Morocco, Tunisia… United States, the Chinese now put a rapid development with the construction of “Dream Factories” closer to its markets.

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