Imperial College researchers are developing graphene 3D printing

Impression-3D-grapheneDepartment materials of Imperial College London researchers come to unveil the first results and they are encouraging. They managed to develop a dough that can be considered for printing 3D in graphene.
This material consists of a carbon atom of thick sheet and organized in France has the particularity to be conductive. It brings the promise of substantial progress in the electronic field. 3D printing opens the door to new applications

The team of Dr. Esther Garcia Tuñón Blanca of the materials of the Imperial College London Department have created a dough that will print 3D objects in graphene. The researchers suggest the production of new sensors pressure through this new processes, as well as a ‘skin’ for robots, etc.

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Source : “Video: Engineers create graphene components using 3D printing”, Imperial College London, February 12, 2015

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