3D printing: The quest of the micron

OWL-nanoToday, if you are looking for the highest precision possible to print jewelry, for example, you can opt for a 3D project 860/pro printer, high-end 3D Systems. It offers a resolution of 0.1 mm. 100 microns, it is still too coarse?Turn to the Phidias Technologies of the Group waterlogged french industrial printers. Used especially in jewellery, its printers have an accuracy of the order of 35 microns. Not enough? Currently, the ultimate in the field, these are printers object (purchased by Stratasys in 2012) whose resolution may heat up to 16 microns in mode ‘HQ ‘. And yet, an outsider announces to be able to do better, much better.

A startup steal a march on market leaders

OWL nano

Old World Labs or OWL, this name will said probably nothing. It’s a startup creates in 2013 in Norfolk, in the United States. It may well damer pawn to 3D printing market leaders in the race to the precision. There where 3D Systems and Stratasys fight with resolutions of a few tens of microns, with its Nano, OWL hopes to reach a record accuracy: 0.1 micron! Only research centres can do better. However, Old World Labs uses the laser stereo-lithography, the well known SLA technology. OWL will wait for its objectives of details for a 20 kg machine, a 15cmx15cmx20cm tray sold less than 5,000 dollars. Pre-orders come to be open for a first round.

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