The CIA invests in Voxel8 and its 3D ‘electronic’ printer

Voxel8-impressionIt is during these 2015 in January that Voxel8 has begun taking pre-orders for its 3D printer. More 3D in a market already busy printer? Not quite since it will be not only able to print objects from plastic PLA, but also electronic circuits functional filament inside even that these objects. Voxel8 has received the support of Autodesk. The startup has now a new financial support, that of the CIA.

Voxel8 «Electronic» printer should be marketed at the end of year 2015

Voxel83D printer that Voxel8 is currently developing will represent a major innovation for what is prototyping of electronic products and the makers will find multiple new uses of such a tool. Following the work of Jennifer A. Lewis, researcher at Harvard, the printer is still at the development stage. It includes a ‘classic’ for printing PLA Printhead and another capable of printing the electronic circuit in what Voxel8 called the «Silver Ink». It is a conductive material which should be complemented with other materials ‘electronic’, i.e. to generate resistances, sensors, batteries. The ambitions of the Harvard researchers are particularly high. Voxel8 Developer’s Kit will be available later this year.

Project Wire

Project Wire, electronic circuit in 3D design software developed by Autodesk for Voxel8.

Voxel8 is not the only one to work on the issue, Voxel8 will face Optomec (Stanford issue), but the startup has some supports weight. Autodesk participates in the project developing Project Wire, modeling software that allows you to create these circuits of a new type. Since it is possible to integrate the circuit into the layers of plastic in a shell, it is more necessary to create circuits in a plan. More PCBs, can create electronic circuits in 3 dimensions. This is precisely what allows Project Wire.

Other financial support that one, that In-Q-Tel (IQT), an investment fund directly attached to the CIA. That which strengthens the future of the startup, but that will possibly lose the makers market and some FabLabs. The Voxel8 printer is advertised as available from the end of the year at a price of $9,000.

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