IMTS 2014: Local Motors produces “live” its first 3D printed car

Strati3D printing is the star of IMTS, the grand salon of American industry being held in Chicago this week. Among one of the exhibitors who made the buzz this year, Local Motors. The small arizonian manufacturer that has made crowdsourcing its workhorse presented its 3D printed car there. Or rather, he made the first model directly on the stand. Surprise, Renault is in the game, since it is the French that provides the mechanical (electrical) will host the first 3D printed produced by Local Motors, the car Strati.

A project from a design competition

First step in the production of laminate: 3D printing.

First step in the production of laminate: 3D printing.

This is an unusual happening that is waging Local Motors on IMTS 2014, the main event in the American industry. The small manufacturer has taken the challenge of producing the laminate directly on their stand throughout the event. 3D printing of the hull, milling and installation of mechanical components and finally the first laps of this amazing little car, the builder until Saturday to take his bet. This project 3D printed car was launched several months ago and has been the subject of a design competition in April. More than 200 design have been competing and this is the design of an Italian Strati, Harlock, who was chosen for this first Local Motors 3D printed. The manufacturer is working on methods of production and machining of the car with the research center at Oak Ridge National Laboratory and Cincinnati Incorporated, a large manufacturer of machine tools.

44 hours to print the carbon frame


Phase milling frame to achieve carbon and improve the bores surfaces of the laminate.

The carbon frame has been 3D printed on the stand, a phase which still requires 44 hours of printing. This chassis was then machined with a milling equally impressive as necessary to produce 3D printer, one piece, the shell of this little two-seater. Both phases have now been completed and the team at Local Motors is in the process of assembling the mechanical parts of the car. Parts that do not astonish a French mechanic, since it is that of a Renault Twizy. French has indeed contributed to the project by providing its small electric two-seater. This has been promptly boned by the Local Motors team that recovered the mechanical and electrical mostly for getting into his Strati. It must take the road on Saturday, at the end of this IMTS 2014 will go down in history as an edition where 3D printing has made the “show”. Translation : Google Translation Sources : “3D-Printed Car Rapid Assembly”, Local Motors Blog, September 11, 2014 “3-D Printing Steals the Show: Notes from IMTS 2014”, IndustryWeek, September 10, 2014 “World’s First 3D-printed Car To Be Live Printed, Assembled During IMTS”, Communiqué Local Motors, September 8, 2014 “Renault On Twizy’s Powertrain In 3D Printed Car At IMTS 2014”, Local Motors Blog, August 22 2014  

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