The automotive industry is investing in 3D printers

Impression-3D-AutoAdditive manufacturing and 3D printing technologies are progressing in multiple industries. Aeronautics, particularly in advanced with regard to the reduction of the weight of the parts has been one of the first to look at 3D metal printing. Today it is the turn of the automotive industry to convert to these new manufacturing techniques. According to analysts of SmarTech, the automobile industry arrived at its inflection point which marks the take-off of this market of 3D printing in automotive. A market that is expected to reach $ 1.1 billion by the end of the Decade.

Manufacturers are already producing hundreds of thousands of prototype parts annually in 3D printing

The fields of application of 3D in the car, according to Deloitte printing.

The fields of application of 3D in the car, according to Deloitte printing.

According to the study published by SmarTech, in 2019, printers 3D automotive industry sales will amount to $ 586 million, sales of materials at $ 376 million.

For analysts of Deloitte, two main reasons motivate manufacturers and suppliers to take the plunge. On the one hand, 3D printing enables these manufacturers to innovate. Printing of geometries impossible to produce with the means of traditional production, reduction of weight with raster structures, new features like the integration of the wiring in the structures or composed of multiple materials parts production, 3D printing will allow these industrialists to differentiate and win market shares for those who will master the first 3D printing.

The transformation of the Supply Chain is the another great driver which will push the auto industry to convert to 3D printing. Additive manufacturing techniques will allow industrialists to move from tooling in an increasing number of cases. As well as printing 3D should allow them to limit the loss of materials related to manufacturing processes. By limiting the losses of materials, manufacturers can expect an optimization of the production costs. In addition, the relative ease of using 3D printing to consider new organizations of decentralised productions, with restricted stocks, ‘3D’ production sites to the nearest market. The automotive industry is only in year 1 of the digital revolution.

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