Is the French industry missing its ‘robolution ‘?

StaubliAfter passing next to the first robotics, the french industrial revolution will miss the second? Forecast by Xerfi cabinet on the future of the french Robotics market suggest strong growth for service robotics, but are much more modest in relation to industrial robotics. The extensive automation plan initiated by Arnaud Montebourg in 2013 seems manifestly insufficient so the France keeps its place in the concert of nations robotic. As to redo our delay on the Germany or the Italy, this seems totally unrealistic.

1.5% annual growth only for the french market of the industrial robot

Chiffre d'affaires des opérateurs de robotique industrielle en France (Source: Xerfi 2015)The Xerfi research firm press release wants to be optimistic, the author grading: “La France has cards to play in the ‘robolution’. If the author acknowledges that the France missed the turn of industrial robotics in recent years, considers that the new wave related to the collaborative robots, cobots, gives somehow a new chance French manufacturers to equip themselves. Less expensive, easier to implement, especially by SMEs, these cobots are indeed a great opportunity for our companies, generally smaller size as their German competitors, to remake this delay. Pierre Paturel takes into account this parameter in its forecast. While french operators of industrial robotics market has stagnated since 2011 between 107.4 million and EUR 108.7 million, Xerfi Analyst estimates that it will increase to 119 million… for 2020. An annual growth rate average of 1.5%, certainly better than the current pace but well away from the pace of our major competitors. According to the last digits of the IFR (International Federation of Robotics), sales of industrial robots in Japan, China, USA, South Korea and Germany will be increased by 9.5% per annum since 2008. In Europe, sales increased 4.5% over the same period. The objective of the plan Montebourg placed Robotics as a way to combat the deindustrialisation of the country does not bear fruit. The 300 million euros of loans of the BPI are not enough to convince our SMEs to accelerate their robots.

The France can get the game on service Robotics

CA-des-entreprises-françaises-spécialisées-en-robotique-de-service,-Xerfi-2015If the future of industrial robot in France seems much encouraging, service robotics, much less mature, is much more favourable. It remains far more open to the startups and the France in full in this area of service Robotics that will see multiple new applications appear. Pierre Paturel believes that this market, which amounted to 426 million euros (equipment and services) in 2013, a little less than 490 million in 2014 will be EUR 1.46 billion by 2020. An annual growth of 20% per year, particularly driven by our startups. Xerfi had identified 40 start-ups in this sector in 2015. The new «California of Europe» France on this segment of the service for personal use robots? We would like to believe.

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