The Swiss police has released the artificial intelligence “Random Darknet Shopper”

Achats-Random-Darknet-Shopper-The Random Darknet Shopper will remain in the (small) history of artificial intelligence as the first AI to have “arrested” by the police. Performance art, it was delivered to totally random purchases on the Darknet. With a budget of $ 100 bitcoins to spend each week, it delivered to multiple purchases in the marketplace Agora. Result: a bric à brac of heterogeneous objects, including bag counterfeit Vuitton, Diesel Jean, a scan of Hungarian passport and… Ecstasy pills, objects exhibited in an art gallery, which to caused the intervention of the police who confiscated items as well as carrying computer AI has been guilty of these misdeeds.

“This is a great day for the bot, for us and for freedom of art!” / “it’s a great day for the bot, for us and for the freedom of art!’. The artists! Mediengruppe\r Bitnik welcomed the return of the items confiscated by the police in January 2015: items purchased on the darknet, but also the computer and therefore AI ‘Random Darknet Shopper. The police has not rendered the ecstasy, but the artists will not be prosecuted by the justice.
With this unique artistic performance, the collective has shown that a scenario to the i-Robot with AI outlaw, is may be not so far than we think.

Source : “Random Darknet Shopper released, Ecstasy Destoryed”, !Mediengruppe Bitnik Blog, April 15, 2015



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