Internet of things: Silicon Valley rules !

Silicon-ValleyIt is fashionable to say that the France was one of the leaders of the revolution of connected objects. If fundraising records Sigfox, then recently Netamo are rather encouraging, U.S. startups have a weapon which the France does not, the Silicon Valley ecosystem. The Top 100 companies recently established by Mattermark is uncompromising: as on class global startups in this sector of the Internet of things depending on the funds they managed to lift, the American startups sink their rivals. 48 of these 100 startups have an address in San Francisco Bay.

4 companies grabbed more than a quarter of all investments

Jawbone, le grand gagnant dans le jeu des levées de fonds.

With $636 million raised, Jawbone is the big winner in the game of fundraising.

72 of the 100 startups that have raised the most funds in the world of the Internet of things are American. Better, 48 of inter – they are based in Silicon Valley that exercises domination without sharing in the financing of young innovative companies. The ecosystem of the Bay of San Francisco investment fund operates at full speed and, with nearly 636 million raised, Jawbone dominates the world rankings. Jawbone, Genband, Silver Spring Networks and View Glass, the first 4 in the ranking, were drained in their crates $ 1.6 billion, or 26% of all funds raised by the 100 startups in the standings. In total, investors injected $ 6.19 billion in 100 companies.

If 72 of inter – they are based in the United States, the France points in third position of the countries best represented in this Top 100 with… only 4 companies. Sigfox is the french champion of the Internet of objects with a total of more than $ 151 million raised. The network operator for objects connected to low flow ahead Withings with $ 30 million. The pioneer of connected objects will be likely ahead year next by rival Netatmo which comes from an injection of 30 million dollars of the part of Legrand. Finally, the Actility operator and distributor Innov8 Group complete the table for the France.
Although few countries are represented in the Top 100. The Canada place 5 of his startups, China 3, other 3 Israel, Germany 2. The rest of the world must share crumbs while the placing on the market of connected objects demand more important, especially in marketing and communication investments.

Contractors are there, but where are the (big) investors?

Cité de l'Objet Connecté Angers

Symbol for the action of the french State in the Internet of objects, the object connected Angers city.

If we take the example of the France, the dynamism of entrepreneurs is clear. Much of inter – they were among 160 French companies which have exposed their achievement during these 2015. Difficult to criticize Governments have understood the challenges of supporting startups in this sector. The illustration is the city of the object connected to Angers.

As in the software, it is the upper stage of the rocket which is lacking, i.e. investment funds or large companies to inject several tens or even hundreds of millions of euros in these startups to make champions mindaux. Hope that the example of Legrand will be followed by others to not see our startups to migrate to Silicon Valley to be able to grow.

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Source : “Mattermark Lists The Top 100 Internet Of Things Startups For 2015”, Forbes, October 25, 2015

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