Internet of things: a $5 billion black market

Gartner-SmartMetersEveryone still has in mind the figures advanced by Cisco who announced a few months ago the astounding figure of 50 billion objects connected in the world by 2020. Others have announced 34 billion, some $ 20.8 billion. Question of divergent definition with approximations. Gartner has nevertheless delivered new much less positive estimates. The black market of data stolen via the connected objects will soar.

Security budgets are going to explode, so the black market

Même une caméra de surveillance de bébé est susceptible d'être piratée.

Even a baby monitor camera is now likely to be pirated.

This surprise anyone, but the impact of security on the Internet of things is largely under-estimated by the manufacturers who market connected objects. According to analysts at Gartner, if currently their security budget does not exceed 1%, this share will have to increase to 20% in the years to come. Faults and leakage of data on various objects connected to products as diverse as connected Internet, baby cameras or even cars routers that have been revealed in the media in recent weeks are only a start. Gartner estimates that black stolen data via connected but objects also connected object market counterfeit and carriers of malware could reach 5 billion dollars in 2020.

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