Video of the week: Interview of Marvin Minsky by Ray Kurzweill

One of the pioneers of artificial intelligence, died January 24, 2016. Marvin Minsky with Claude Shannon, Nathaniel Rochester and John McCarthy is one of the pioneers of computing. In 1959, he founded the artificial Intelligence Research Group from MIT with the latter.In his article published on Rue89, Jean-Noël Lafargue recalls that Stanley Kubrick has appealed to Marvin Minsky to write “2001 Space Odyssey” and the famous artificial intelligence HAL.

Marvin Minsky, legend of AI and convinced materialist

Marvin Minsky interviewed by Ray Kuzweill in 2010, this convinced atheist evoked his conception of the human brain, a network of 400 computers, a machine where the identity is only an illusion. Marvin Minsky, intelligence could that prevail in our societies not would be to deal with the lengthening of human life: “We will need AIs because longevity is increasing. … There will be no. one to do the work. … We’ll need to find something else to do”thought Marvin Minsky.

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