iPhone 6: Finally an NFC chip in an Apple smartphone?

Logo-AppleEach year, or almost, the analyst firms announce the launch of NFC payments market and fighting suddenly beautiful exponential curves. However, it is difficult to say that contactless payments have changed our daily lives. Of course, there are more readers on automata or merchants, in some countries and more transactions take off, but the NFC payment is often made with the credit card. Although many smartphones now have an internal chip, it is still underexploited. The rise of alternatives of type Square or Amazon Local Register and failure of Google Wallet demonstrate that payment via the smartphone did not prevail. The absence of NFC chip in the smartphone star of the moment, the iPhone, partly explains this failure. Until now, Apple has pointedly shunned the NFC technology, but with the iPhone 6, things could change.

The sixth version of the iPhone will be good for the NFC clan?

This is Ming Chi Kuo, analyst at KGI Securities, which launched the rumor before the summer: the iPhone 6 will have an NFC chip! A rumor to take carefully, since it returns very regularly, before each new iPhone version, in fact. Thought totally lost cause of the NFC iPhone when Apple had made the choice of BlueTooth Low Energy for its localisation iBeacon solution, yet the NFC track reappears again.

The BI Intelligence study on NFC payments is based on the fact that future Apple devices will rally to the NFC cause.

The BI Intelligence study on NFC payments is based on the fact that future Apple devices will rally to the NFC cause.

Formally, anyone know anything, and those who know do not have the right to speak. Speculate may seem totally pointless if for analysts who did immediately heat their calculators to assess the impact of a rally of Apple to NFC technology. Among these, the BI Intelligence experts who have just released their new estimates. While the global volume of NFC payments is currently less than $ 20 billion, it should climb to 189 billion by 2018. This represents an average annual growth of 154% over this period either more than a doubling every year!
In short, analysts rely on a 6 and an iPhone iWatch compatible NFC to detonate the payments market. A bet of $ 189 billion.

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