iSpace Raises $90 Million to Display Ads on the Moon

iSpace Technologies signs the last publicity coup of the year with its announcement to transform the moon into a billboard. The idea sounds crazy, but it allowed the Japanese to raise $90 million.

Founded by Takeshi Hakamada, this startup is already known in the business because it is the backbone of the Hakuto team engaged by Japan in the Google Lunar X Prize.

iSpace wants to commercialize its Google Lunar XPrize technology

Hakuto is one of the few teams still engaged in Google Lunar XPrize to have signed a launch contract (for a joint launch with Team Indus) and therefore hope to get the $20 million promised to the winner. iSpace hopes to develop this experiment by sending small rovers to explore the surface of the moon from 2021 onwards, but by then, the startup has found a more lucrative way to exploit this space technology: to display advertisements on the lunar surface using a projection system. We know no more about the system in question and the extent of the surface that will be illuminated by human “genius”.

A mission is planned and the startup has announced that it has raised more than $90 million to carry out its lunar ambition. Investors include Japan Airlines, Japanese cable TV Tokyo Broadcasting System and Japan Bank, Konica Minolta, etc.

For the time being, the Hakuto team must successfully complete its challenge and finally launch its rover on the moon and land the Google XPrize before March 2018 before thinking of marketing its advertising space on the Moon in 2020.


“Google Lunar XPRIZE competitor Team HAKUTO raises $90.2 million, most ever for an XPRIZE team”, XPrize press release, December 15,2017

“ispace Raises Record Largest Series A Funding; Announces Plan For Two Lunar Missions by 2020”, press release iSpace, 13 December 2017


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