Japan Expo 2015: Robots make the show !

Japan Expo 2015 - Espace robotiqueIt is the meeting place for “Otaku” French, Cosplay enthusiasts and video games. Japan Expo annually attracts 250,000 visitors to the Villepinte Exhibition Centre, north of Paris. A major popular event is also an opportunity for associations of robotics and engineering schools to present their activities to younger generations.

Enough to arouse new vocations among the younger generation.

A humanoid Aria Cybedroid ensures welcoming visitors on robotic space


A humanoid torso Inmoov led by IMERIR.

This year, the association Caliban has established a dedicated space robotics at Japan Expo and it is an imposing humanoid, an Aria of limougeaud Cybedroid who assured the public reception on robotic space. In number of robots present, it is certainly the distributor Robotics France had the most menagerie provided with DARwIn-Mini, BIOLOID Premium and Darwin-Op Robotis even a small Hovis Lite Dongbu.

La plateforme robotique présentée par la DTRE (Association de Developpement Robotique) de l'In'Tech Info, école supérieure d'ingéniérie informatique.

The robotic platform presented by the DTRE (Robotics Development Association) of In’Tech Info, top computer engineering school.

Besides Caliban, the RobotTips Association came to Japan Expo to present some interesting projects, including a robotic “arm writer” robotic arm capable of cursive. More ambitious, the SwarmTips, micro-autonomous robots able to interact among themselves and make-collective tasks. A project to follow, as the next Sumotbot robot competition to be held in March 2016 and to which the association has commit his Squarebot.

Among the works presented by the schools of engineers on this space robotics, Gali VIII, the robot designed by Eceborg the robotics club from Ecole Centrale d’Electronique de Paris. The IFA came Delorozoy presents the first dual training in robotics Ile de France. This training provides a head of IT and certification robotics project. It was created by the Mediterranean Institute of Study and Research in Computer Science and Robotics (IMERIR, a school of the CCI of Perpignan) with the IFA Delorozoy.

Le petit Darwin de France Robotique s'amuse avec le public.

The little Darwin Robotics France has fun with the audience.

Representatives of training did not come empty-handed, with various trading robots on display, including a Nao gave himself a few demonstrations of Yoga, rivaling the public eye with the DARwIn-OP France Robotics which s’ amused to dribble the audience with a cube.

Note the presence of the team Konscience a man here Machine interaction software installed on a head … panda. Japan Expo oblige!

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