Digital Innovations in cars: Drivers not convinced!

Concept-carCar manufacturers, or rather their marketing divisions builders are they doing wrong? While all vying for increasingly sophisticated options such as connected services, the audience at the parking lot, head-up display and future autonomous driving, electronics and computer reigns supreme in modern cars. Attractive to purchases, these options are yet little used by drivers as revealed in the JD Power Drive 2015 survey.

16 of 33 innovative features are never used by 20% of drivers

Price prohibitive options, plummeting reliability, electronics vaunted by the manufacturers and the geeks that we are not necessarily good news for drivers. The survey conducted by JD Power from 4200 American owners of a vehicle less than 90 days shows that innovations developed with billions of dollars by the manufacturers and their equipment suppliers are not always well received by motorists.
Mercedes Park AssistOf the 33 innovations mentioned in the study, 20% of owners of new vehicles have never used 16 of them. The least popular is the concierge function, completely unused by 43% of buyers. Then comes the mobile router function never used by 38% of them, the automatic parking system by 35%, the HUD 33% and finally embedded applications by 32%. Worse, 20% of 4,200 buyers even reject 14 of the 33 technologies offered by manufacturers. They refuse to have both Apple and Google Android carplay Auto in their next car as well as a concierge service or even SMS dictation. The study showed that if a driver does not adopt an innovative feature within 30 days of purchase, it never will. Nobody reads from cars operating instructions and analysts JD Power estimates that the role of the dealer is the key in the adoption of the new features of the vehicle. It is the dealer to explain their operation to the buyer or risk seeing them hopelessly behind by the driver.

As for autonomous driving, it still potentially interested that 21% of drivers in 2013. A share which increased to 24% in 2014 probably under the influence of the media buzz created by Google.


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