Jeff Bezos vs Elon Musk, clash of the titans

Jeff Bezos - Blue OriginOn November 23, Blue Origin has undoubtedly succeeded a historic flight. The New Shepard rocket designed by the American startup took off at 11:21 a.m. from its Texas base, to launched launched his capsule beyond the 100 km altitude before returning to land vertically on its launch base. A real success for Jeff Bezos, founder of Blue Origin.

Blue Origin has succeeded where SpaceX has always failed, which resulted in some bitter tweets on the part of Elon Musk.

Blue Origin broke SpaceX in a reusable rocket

The official release from Blue Origin is somewhat bombastic: “Rockets have always been expendable. “Not anymore.” Nevertheless, the success of Blue Origin is real: its New Shepard rocket actually returned to port. Jezz Bezos actually beat Elon Musk which the Grasshopper rocket succeeded chip breaks but two attempts to return from space on a barge resulted in crashes.

Blue Origin New Shepard launch.

Monday, November 23, 2015, 11 h 21: the New Shepard of Blue Origin rocket lifts off.

Well obviously Blue Origin is a dwarf compared with SpaceX, which is already an actor’s weight on the market for satellite launches, however the symbol is there and Elon Musk was stung to the quick by the success of the New Shepard.

After a congratulatory tweet, the founder of SpaceX was able to hide a certain despite. A minute later, Elon Musk noted there is a difference between reaching space and place a load in orbit, that the Blue Origin rocket failed during this flight. It then adds in a third tweet that, to put a load in orbit, it is not Mach 3 to reach (Blue Origin has reached Mach 3.72 during this flight), but Mach 30…

Blue Origin New Shepard posée

Blue Origin New Shepard after his flight on 23 November.

No doubt after having digested the news, a few hours later Elon Musk published a new tweet much funnier. The founder of SpaceX pointed out, video in support, SpaceX achieves returns on Earth since 2013 or rather returns… in the water!

In a latest tweet Elon Musk again showed the hooks by recalling that the first devices to have reached space and to have been able to return to Earth and landing their own means were the mythical space plane X-15 which flew in the 1950s and the SpaceShipOne created by Burt Rutan in the early 2000s. One final note rather acerbic and a bad faith quite jubilant as to be able to take off the X – 15 was in need of a Boeing B – 52 and the same way, Burt Rutan had the draw a carrier Jet, the “White Knight”, in order to launch its space plane.

Jeff Bezos celebrates the first return managed Blue Origin rocket.

Jeff Bezos celebrates the first return managed Blue Origin rocket.

Although may say Blue Origin competitors, the video of the return of the Blue Origin on Earth is impressive. The rocket descends quickly controlled with small aerodynamic panels at the top of the rocket. The vertical rate is particularly high so the crash seems inevitable until the moment when the single BE-3 rocket enters into action. Seconds before a likely impact, its 50 tonnes of thrust are able to slow the rocket to a vertical speed less than 8 km/h, sufficient to make the rocket legs absorb the contact with the ground. Jeff Bezos can celebrate his victory although says Elon Musk!

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Source : “Historic Rocket Landing”, Blue Origin release, November 24, 2015

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