The 4th industrial revolution, viewed from Germany


We already knew, the Germany is very involved in the 4th Industrial Revolution. German Ministry of industry has launched an extensive research program to help its industry to adopt the faster the intelligent plant concepts. The German Government wants to maintain the image of technological excellence of its industry. A Government desire coupled with awareness of enterprises. 57% of German industrialists consider that connected objects and the “Smart Factory” will upset their “Business Model” in the next 5 years.

Optimistic German industrialists against the 4th Industrial Revolution

Interviewed by the Staufen firm, German industrialists do not see the 4th Industrial Revolution as a threat to their market globally, although shares instead. For 72% of the 179 respondents, this will be a way to further increase their position on the markets.

Deutscher Industrie 4 0 index 2015 (Source: Staufen)

Deutscher Industrie 4 0 index 2015 (Source: Staufen)

If they are not afraid of this revolution, manufacturers are well aware of the disruption that it will cause. 60% of the pioneers of the movement “Industry 4.0” considers that this will will lead to “substantial” changes in their product portfolio.

German industrialists are now in the phase of deployment. If there are only 4% to be 100% for toggled in the intelligent plant concepts, 31% were already operational projects (versus 14% only in 2014), 5% have planned deployments and 36% are in phase of study.

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Source : “Digitalisation: Industrial companies expect Industry 4.0 to result in noticeable changes to their own business models”, Staufen press release, january 20, 2016


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