China now has nearly 200 robot manufacturers

Robot-SiasunFor the second consecutive year, China is the world market for robot builders. China is currently conducting a major effort to modernize its industry and robot sales have soared. According to figures from the China Robot Industry Alliance (CRIA) they grew by 54.6% in 2014, 57,000 robots, representing 25% of the world market. If 2/3 of these robots are imported or assembled locally by Western manufacturers, the share of robots “Made in China” is soaring.

A third of robots sold in China are now locally designed

According to the CIRC, nearly 17,000 of these 57,000 robots are designed and produced in China. This represents $ 474 million, is already a quarter of the world robot production. Much has been made of the automation of Foxconn assembly lines but across the entire country that is trying to accomplish a considerable effort to develop a competitive robotics industry. The Chinese production robots increased 60% since 2013 and the association lists 400 companies in the sector. A real excitement that tempers a bit consultants Robo-stox who probably more selective, have counted 194. The Robot Report on this figure, 47 companies and 5 startups established themselves as manufacturers of industrial robots while 34 building additional equipment for these robots and provide services.Robotique Chinoise

In all, the ecosystem of the Chinese industrial robot count 107 companies. By Tobe against Franck, co-founder of Robot-stox and author of The Robot Report points to the still inadequate quality of reports by robots to world standards. This lack of quality Chinese industrial robots was particularly came to light in December 2014 when robots designed by Foxconn had proved unable to assemble the new iPhone 6.

If its Chinese Robots are not yet quite ready to sweep across the world, China has awakened robotics and full speed ahead.

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