The weather forecast, next sector to be “uberised” ?

INRIXStartup America, INRIX offers motorists a crowdsource traffic information service. Nothing very new formula has made the fortune of the designers of Waze. On the same niche, INRIX offers its service since 2004. In addition to traffic, parking spaces, a new service has enriched its offer yesterday: a weather service. The service is capable of displaying the state of the road chosen by the driver, as well as forecasts. Contrary to national weather services, challenger has no less supercomputer to calculate its forecasts. His secret? APIs.

The connected car, a set of sensors at thousands of millions of copies

With light sensors, rain, and even his thermometer vehicle behavior on the road, any connected drive has become a valuable tool to have a pretty good idea of the weather over a large area.Connected-Driver-Network_4Big Data technologies are used to store data collected by millions of vehicles and process this mass of information to display on each dashboard the state of the road a few kilometers away. But now INRIX wants to go further by providing weather forecasts.

How a mobile application publisher could hope to do better than the weather service all developed countries? They have the supercomputers among the most powerful, observation satellite networks and especially forecasting algorithms that represent dozens of years of research to achieve the current level of reliability. INRIX can compete but found an alternative, the APIs provided by a specialist, GWC. The Global Weather Corp. provides a weather forecast service as Web services ready to be called by different applications, for example, operate wind farms and now applying INRIX Road Weather.
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Source : “INRIX Warns Drivers Of Potentially Dangerous Road Conditions With INRIX Road Weather”, INRIX press release, Septembre 1st, 2015

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