Some languages cause more bugs than others?

BugsAs for ‘human’ languages, computer languages are more or less easy to learn, more or less complex to read and debug.
Some are fans of Ruby, Java, PHP or c#. Each for excellent reasons to prefer any one language to another. However, applications written in Java have more bugs that programs Erlang, PHP or C? Beyond the language theory, researchers are interested in real projects hosted by Github to evaluate the rate of bugs in the product code.

A statistical study that deals 17 programming languages

Researchers at the University of California went draw among 729 projects, 80 million lines of code, 29,000 authors and 1.5 million bids for a study statistically the bug and patches. After excluding the language of Shell, Vim and CSS, these are retained 50 large projects developed in 17 different languages. Among the projects selected, Linux, Git, Php – src for the C language, Storm, elasticsearch and ActionBarSherlock for Java, docker, lime and Websocketd for language GB or laravel, CodeIgniter and symfony for PHP.

The rate of bug of each of the 17 languages evaluated on Github.

The rate of bug of each of the 17 languages evaluated on Github.

If the study shows some bias because its methodology with data related to projects and the communities of very different developers, it nevertheless points weaknesses of languages in some areas. Each language has errors that are commonly: runtime for JavaScript errors, errors of data types for TypeScript, memory for C++ and Objective-C, Java errors. Access competitors, CoffeeScript, TypeScript, Ruby and PHP are better than Erlang while this last, C, C++ and Go pose security problems more frequently code developed in TypeScript and Clojure.
No miracle language that puts the developer away from bugs, however, unsurprisingly PHP and the C language and its descendants C++ / c# and Objective-C are among the bad students, while TypeScript, this superset of JavaScript developed by Microsoft, is ranked above average, with Google’s GB or even Clojure language

Source : “A Large Scale Study of Programming Languages and Code Quality in Github” [pdf], 2014

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