3D printers sold to reach 500 000 units in 2015

Imprimante 3D Canon

It is a beautiful exponential that drew analysts of the British cabinet Context. Their estimates of worldwide sales of 3D printers will enable the market to spend this year the Cape of 500 000 3D printers sold. An ultra positive figure while the historical leaders of the market and a lot of small players pass through a phase difficult. Actors of weight may well breathe a second life into the market.

3D printers under $ 5000 make up most of the market

3D Printing RU chart - 17 November 2015

Worldwide sales of printers 3D stacking (Source : Context, 2015)

Not surprisingly, these are personal 3D printers, IE marketed at less than $5,000, which represent the biggest sales. The average price of these printers is $ 1.451.

If the increase in accumulated is impressive with about 100,000 3D printers sold, sales were lower in the third quarter, both on this market ‘ desktop ‘ than that of industrial printers. Analysts nonetheless estimated that it will not be less than half a million printers that will nevertheless passed this year. That despite the current difficulties of Stratasys, 3D Systems and Makerbot, analysts consider that the 3D printers sold one million will be reached in 2017. According to them, if “historical” manufacturers suffer, new players will relay them. Among these new entrants, Canon, Ricoh, ASPECT, as well as HP/HPE. Industrial heavyweight who might well inspire a second breath to market. Will the market continue its take off as think so analysts or will it settle? Venue in 2016.
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Source : “Global 3D Printing Industry Passes 500K Units Shipped; Changing of the Guard Coming?”, Context release, November 17, 2015

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