Def Con 2016 will shelter the first hacking contest between… IA

Annonce-Defcon-2015As each year will be held in Las Vegas the Def Con, conference of reference in the field of hacking. Security professionals will present their offers but, as each edition are the revelation of the hacker (white hat of course!) that will make the media. Security vulnerabilities cars and various objects connected to our daily lives will be probably revealed ors of the 2016 edition. In parallel to the conference itself will take place a hacking contest unique in its kind, it will oppose artificial intelligences!

7 artificial intelligences will compete in Las Vegas


The CRS (for Cyber Reasonning System) is the machine made available to teams by DARPA to operate their AI.

ugust 4, 2016 will be held the first “Capture the Flag” type competition that will oppose artificial intelligences. Usually, in this type of test, a hacker must fit into a system, the first one that succeeds won the title of best hacker. This year, they are 7 IA who will attempt to break into a system and thwart its defences but also thwart the attacks of other RNs.

This competition, the Cyber Grand Challenge is richly endowed. The winning team received $ 2 million, the second 1 million and finally $750,000 for the third. It is DARPA, the body leading the research programs of the American defense, which organizes the challenge. The objective is to develop an autonomous AI that can detect the vulnerabilities of a system and therefore to secure systems. A virtual hacker somehow.

DARPA wants an AI capable of competing with the best hackers

The 7 teams qualified at the Cyber Grand Challenge will confront their IA August 4 in Las Vegas.

The 7 teams qualified at the Cyber Grand Challenge will confront their IA August 4 in Las Vegas.

The contest rules were published on October 22, 2014 and 104 teams registered to participate in this challenge. After 3 rounds of qualifying, there is more than 7, all American. CodeJitsu, CSDS, Deep Red, Disekt, For All Secure, Shellphish and TechX, the large American universities are represented. These teams will meet at the Paris hotel in Las Vegas August 4 not to show their talents as hackers, but only to launch their IA to the onslaught of the Cyber Grand Challenge.

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