New step towards the Bionic lenses

Lentille-bioniqueSeveral research teams are working to develop the first lenses bionic, capable of displaying an image directly before the eye of the wearer. Michael McAlpine of Princeton team seems to have achieved a major step forward towards the realization of these lenses screens. Researchers have developed a 3D printer that can print nanoscopic LEDs. One technology that opens the way for the production such Bionic lenses. The US Air Force, which funds this research could well equip one day its pilots of such lenses.

A LED screen composed of nanoscopic quantum dots

The 3D printer at Princeton University

The 3D printer at Princeton University.

Specialised in the printing of nanomaterials, Michael McAlpine research group at Princeton has managed to print LED nanoscopic “quantum dots”. It is therefore one of the Bionic lenses key technologies which seems to be acquired by these same researchers if, as pointed out in the New Scientist article notes, “quantum dots” printed by the Princeton team contains potentially hazardous materials for health.

The 3D print of quantum dots.

L’impression 3D des points quantiques.

Many obstacles still to overcome before even screen lenses marketed. While it is recognised that food will be carried out by the radio antenna, yet the problem of heating of components which must of course be very limited. In addition, the lens must be made custom. It is therefore an application type of 3D printing.

The University of the State of Washington (at Seattle) also worked on the development of such lenses. Babak Parviz, the researcher who had unveiled the first results in 2009 was immediately hired by Google to develop the Google Glass then the Google Contact Lens that will be shortly marketed by Novartis. Nevertheless these first lens do that to wear a sensor to transmit glucose levels in diabetic bearer smartphone. Since then, Babak Parviz was recruited by Amazon for a project so far still secret.

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