Europe takes turn in testing an anti-drones laser

MBDA Lasereffector testAfter the United States Navy, it is the turn of Europe to test a laser anti-drones for its ships. It is specifically the United Kingdom entrusted the realization of a laser demonstration program Dragonfire high-energy to a consortium of European manufacturers. After tests conducted on the ground, the system comes to know his baptism of fire at sea.

The Dragonfire system must be validated in 2019

Dragonfire, MBDA Deutschland GmbH consortium member has just completed a first series of test of laser anti-drone from a military facility on the coast of the North Sea. From 4 to 14 October, day and night, the missile manufacturer has tested the guidance system of the device with a quadcopter to target. According to the official release, these tests were a success, including while the drone was conducting evasive maneuvers in order to escape the death ray. Mobile system 360 has apparently demonstrated its ability to deal with the arrival of a swarm of drones, an attack by saturation at which the laser must quickly change target. The hour or the Islamic State is launching drones armed with grenades on the loyalist troops in Mosul, the demand for such equipment is likely to precipitate the development of these lasers killers of drones.

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