Video of the week: Luminar Technologies’ next-generation Lidar designed by Luminar Technologies

Wired Magazine has posted a report this week on a startup positioned in the Lidar market, Luminar Technologies. Laser sensors are essential for autonomous cars and this market is growing at a rate of 25% per year. It is expected to reach $5.2 billion by 2022 and probably much more as cars become available for sale on a large scale. This new entrant from California is planning to make a place in a market where he faces Velodyne, Continental, LeddarTech, Quanergy.

Faced with these already positioned players, and especially all the major equipment manufacturers who are looking at this market, the startup relies above all on its technology. Its marketing announces a laser power of 40x higher than the current Lidar laser power for a range multiplied by 10 and a resolution of 50. The images in HD mode are really amazing. So far, this Lidar has only been built in 100 units.

Translated from french by : Deepl

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