Lilium Aviation raises 10 million € for his flying car

lilium-aviation-voiture-volanteThe race for the development of the first flying car is coming a new stage. German Lilium Aviation has indeed announced 10 million euros.
A fundraiser that will allow the startup to develop the prototype of his Jet Lilium and start the test from the beginning of the year 2017.

The Lilium Jet, a next-generation electric VTOL

It is the event of TechCrunch Disrupt London that the announcement was made. Investment Fund Atomico injects 10 million euros in Lilium Aviation so that the startup is carrying out its flying car project. Atomico is a British Fund that has made a name by focusing on companies such as, Seesmic, Skype, Fab or Jawbone. Niklas Zennström, founder of Atomico joined the Board of Directors of Lilium which, thanks to this major investment will be able to hire engineers and technicians to complete its prototype.


36 tilting propellers of the Lilium Jet should allow take-offs and vertical landings.

His plane, the Lilium Jet is electric-powered. It features 36 electric motors which keeled propellers tilt to allow the device to land vertically making the Lilium Jet a VTOL (vertical take-off and landing). Engineers designed a speed of 300 km/h for a range of 300 km.

Electric propulsion which seems to have the favor of engineers in recent years while the Aeromobil of Juraj Vaculik seems more “classic” with its folding wings and its combustion engine. A (bad) compromise between car and airplane, who has never won in the past. Aeromobil remains the most advanced of the “flying car” yet nonexistent market since Juraj Vaculik announced the marketing of its Aeromobil for 2017.

Many competitors on a still virtual market

airbus-vahanaThe most serious of Lilium Aviation rivals include Terrafugia. The American also wants to develop a flying car electric with tilt motors, the TF – X, but to achieve it will market a less ambitious, comparable to the Aeromobil model. Terrafugia has opened the pre-order of this unit quite rightly called “The Transition” period.

Closer to drones, Chinese eHang 184, presented to the CES 2016 and the German Volocopter VC200, S2 of Joby Aviation and especially the hypothetical Airbus Vahana may be some serious competitors Lilium Jet when the regulation will allow truly the emergence of a market for this type of devices.

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